According to information quoted by the German financial magazine FinanceFWD, Germany's largest savings bank Sparkasse plans to launch services for cryptocurrencies in 2022.

The German bank will pave the way for close to 50 million customers to enter the cryptocurrency market. According to Sparkasse officials, customers will be able to buy, sell or HODL Bitcoin (BTC).

Analysts noted that, apart from Sparkesse, other large banks are also inclined to add crypto assets to their portfolios. According to data from a recent Greyscale report, investors see Bitcoin as a long-term investment. In addition, the report states that retired individuals also tend to add Bitcoin to their portfolios.

BTC sparkasse

Bitcoin value is also increasing in direct proportion to the increasing interest. After the launch of the first BTC futures ETF, Bitcoin's value rose to $69,000 on November 10.

According to CoinMarketCap data, Bitcoin (BTC) is currently priced at $47,162. The current market value of the cryptocurrency is $ 894,043,853,443. Finally, let's also mention that Bitcoin dropped 4.60 percent in 24 hours.