During the year, many US banks and companies sought exposure to cryptocurrencies, while Chinese companies had to lag behind this race. While China's repressive policy towards cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin bans prevented Chinese institutional investors from revealing their crypto investments, a positive statement came from the AliBaba wing.

Joe Tsai, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, said in a post on his social media account, "I like crypto".

While Tsai's post rekindled the claims that "Alibaba has invested in Bitcoin", Binance CEO CZ did not remain indifferent to this sharing.

“I like Joe,” CZ said, quoting Tsai’s post.

Although Alibaba institutionally invests directly in the NFT, Metaverse and Blockchain space, it has not made a statement about crypto investments to date.

Although some of the posts made by Binance CEO CZ months ago were interpreted as “AliBaba bought Bitcoin”, there was no official statement on this subject.

Considering China's policy of pressure on cryptocurrencies, the Alibaba Chief Executive Officer's crypto-sharing is considered a bold move.