The Super Bowl, the championship game of the American football league NFL, gathers millions of viewers every year as an event that focuses on the whole world with its off-field activities and halftime shows. So much so that while US users showed great interest in crypto applications, it was seen that the applications quickly gained popularity in the App Store.

During the Super Bowl's match between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams, the two biggest cryptocurrency exchanges also had a battle. FTX and Coinbase were two crypto exchanges competing with their ads.

According to the latest data, the Coinbase app was the 186th most downloaded app in the App Store before the match, quickly climbing to the 2nd place. Behind this intense demand, which caused the Coinbase website to be locked, the QR code published by the exchange during the advertisement is connected to the promotion that new members will receive a bonus of 15 dollars.

cryptocom arena

Famous US comedian Larry David was featured in the 2-minute advertisement on the FTX exchange. In addition, the density of advertisements of other crypto companies in the advertisements where crypto money exchanges came to the fore was also remarkable. It is stated that the number of viewers reached 100 million, and the cost of a 30-second advertisement is 6.5 million dollars. The total cost of these ads amounts to millions of dollars.

The comments for the crypto industry, which marked the ads in the Super Bowl, were mixed. Authorities thought it could pose a risk to those with little knowledge, while others saw it as the biggest proof that the cryptocurrency industry is permanent. However, some of the reactions from the US public were that they resembled dot-com companies that turned into a bubble in the 2000s.

When it comes to cryptocurrency ads, country regulators follow these ads much more closely. Cryptocurrencies are subject to advertising restrictions in many countries due to the risks they entail. These countries include the UK, Spain and Singapore.

As important steps are taken regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies in 2022, we can see that crypto advertisements will be shaped according to certain rules within the framework of these regulations.