Dubai has made a big breakthrough in the crypto money industry recently. In fact, it can be said that most of the Middle East countries contributed to this. Dubai has certainly taken the lead in this regard. This is thought to be the reason why Binance cryptocurrency exchange is holding its big conference in Dubai right now.

Now, a new cryptocurrency-friendly news has come from Dubai. In Dubai, which has become the center of many crypto money companies, school payments can now be made with crypto money. Dubai seems to be looking to increase cryptocurrency adoption with other tactics as well. A local school has officially announced the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in a recent announcement.

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A local school called Citizens School says that it will start education in September, and that it will accept cryptocurrency payments made in both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

In the report, it was stated that the funds will be automatically converted into Dirhams by a local cryptocurrency company, and therefore, the cryptocurrency payment will actually be accepted. Dubai's local government continues to support cryptocurrencies. It is expected that other schools in Dubai, which have recently started a radical digital transformation program, will take similar steps in the continuation of this. Citizens School founder Dr. Adil Alzarooni also stated in his statement on the subject that education is now intertwined with cryptocurrencies.

Activist groups are launching a campaign for a greener Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) seems to be facing a new danger due to the high energy use from its production. Many climate activist groups, especially Greenpeace, of which Ripple's co-founder Chris Larsen was the first donor, launched a "change the code, not the climate" campaign for Bitcoin. With this campaign, environmental groups aim to persuade the Bitcoin community to switch to a less energy-intensive model.

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The high amount of energy used in cryptocurrency mining using the proof-of-work consensus mechanism has been seen as an important environmental problem worldwide in recent years. Environmental concerns are thought to play an important role in Ethereum's transition from this consensus mechanism to a more environmentally friendly production method such as proof of stake.

With this campaign, environmental groups aim to replace the Bitcoin mining mechanism, which is claimed to consume as much energy as Sweden. Activist groups are said to have already reached many prominent names and companies in the crypto industry.