The sale of cryptocurrencies in public banks may start in Russia in the coming days. As the fight between the Russian Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank escalates, citizens are curious about the final decision.

While the Central Bank of Russia argues that cryptocurrencies should be banned in the country, the ministry of finance thinks that cryptocurrencies can have great returns for the country's treasury.

According to the reports in the Russian media, Minister Siluanov sent a letter to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin last night. Although the content of the letter is not fully known, it is thought to be related to the cryptocurrency bill.

Siluanov Russia

The letter, which contains the words that cryptocurrencies should be regulated rather than banned, fell like a bomb in the Russian media. In the letter sent, Minister Siluanov thinks that public banks can be used as crypto money exchanges and that large income can be obtained by making crypto money sales in a controlled manner through the public bank.

Minister Siluanov thinks that with such a move, they can put a stop to money laundering, which is said to be made with cryptocurrencies. The minister wants the money laundering monitoring agency, the Federal Financial Monitoring Service (Rosfinmonitoring), to be aware of all cryptocurrency trading.

As of January 3, Russian citizens are thought to have a total of approximately $26 billion worth of cryptocurrencies. As long as Russian citizens' interest in cryptocurrencies continues, it seems that they can make record profits from buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Russia.