Crypto research firm: “Not buying Bitcoin at these prices is reckless”

The company, which is well known to crypto money investors, formerly Arcane and rebranded as K33, has published a report stating that we are currently in the buying period in cryptocurrencies. Stating that the market is still not fully assessing the growing possibility of spot Bitcoin ETF approval, the company used the following statements:

Now is the time to buy in the market… We think that prices will go up in the coming period. A spot Bitcoin ETF can bring huge inflows to the market. Buying pressure in Bitcoin will increase seriously. In this sense, a refusal decision will continue the situation in the same way. However, it should be said that the market still does not fully evaluate the positive news. Still not accumulating Bitcoin at these prices is a recklessness.

The report, which also evaluated the derivative markets, stated that the sentiment here is negative, but this situation can change at any time:

The current derivatives markets are not giving us much indication at the moment. Although the sentiment remains negative, this can change at any time. Open interest is still stable, and there is no significant entry into Bitcoin futures ETFs.

K33 Research also touched on Ether ETFs. He noted that September and October could bring more positive news in Ethereum and that the second-largest cryptocurrency could experience a stronger ETF pricing in the short term.

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