“Crypto Pulls Liquidity Like Lightning Rod”

While Bitcoin started 2023 with an increase of nearly 80%, it closed the month of April with an upward price movement. According to the news in Bloomberg, an average increase of 260% is achieved one year after Bitcoin has caught such a monthly series in the last 10 years. The fact that the largest cryptocurrency has achieved a 260% rise from its current level means that BTC has risen above 100 thousand dollars. As it is known, many institutions from Standard Chartered to BCA Research and Bloomberg Intelligence have recently published various scenarios about the road to 100 thousand dollars.

Speaking to Bloomberg TV about Bitcoin’s recent rises, Christopher Forbes, an analyst at CMC Invest Singapore, said:

The most important feature of cryptocurrencies is that they attract liquidity like a lightning rod. Recently, we see that liquidity has re-entered the market. I think the upward trend will continue in the future.

Jamie Douglas Coutts, an intelligence analyst at Bloomberg, also recently claimed that 1 percent of the bond market will shift to Bitcoin. This allows the price to reach 185 thousand dollars. On the other hand, Bitcoin, which managed to rise above $ 29 thousand 500 yesterday, started the new week.

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