Crypto Exchange Removes USDD Pairs

The Huobi exchange was sold to Justin Sun last year, after which the crypto billionaire took some important steps. In the days when the algo-stablecoin named UST collapsed, USDD with a similar mechanism was announced. The new stablecoin, which has had difficulty staying above $1 to date, has not received the expected attention. As a result of this indifference, Huobi exchange took the necessary decision.

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced on Monday that it plans to delist ten trading pairs. Huobi said the changes are part of delivering a “better trading experience” to its users. According to the Bloomberg report, the trading pairs that will be removed from USDD include Solana’s SOL, Cardano’s ADA, ApeCoin’s APE, Polygon’s MATIC, Filecoin’s FIL and Ethereum Classic’s ETC tokens.

USDD pairs for ADA, APE, ARPA, ETC, FIL, GAS, MATIC, QTUM, SOL and ZKS will be removed. Investors holding these assets will continue to trade in other stablecoin pairs. The aforementioned altcoins have no common features other than their classification as securities. However, from this point of view, Tron (TRX) faced a similar accusation.

Things haven’t been going well between Sun and Huobi lately. Last month, Sun, who is also the Global Advisor at Huobi and the founder of Tron (TRX), accused Li Wei, brother of Huobi’s founder, of owning the massive HT Token asset for free. In a May 17 Twitter post, Sun claimed that his brother Li Wei had made no real contributions to the Huobi community. Despite this, Li Wei managed to amass a substantial fortune by repeatedly selling the tokens.

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