Crypto and Web3 Step from Unity

Unity, one of the most popular companies for creating 3D playgrounds, has added the “decentralization” category to its sales store, Asset Store. Thus, developers will be able to see which Web3 tools and protocols they can add to the games they create from now on. 13 different projects are shown on the relevant page for developer use, among which are the known protocols of the crypto money industry; Algorand, Aptos Labs, Dapper Labs, ImmutableX, Solana, Tezos and ConsenSys products include Infura and MetaMask.

This positive move by Unity company to Web3 game tools is also of great importance for the future of blockchain-based games. As it is known, Sandbox, Decentraland and Dogami, which are the most well-known Web3 projects, were created using Unity software. In the statement made by Unity, it was also noted that the company will only approve Web3 tools that are legal, reliable, whose project is regularly developed and known to the public.

These Web3 tools, which can be added to projects through Unity’s Asset Store, can be integrated directly into games without third-party websites. Developers will also be able to rate tools from 1 to 5 star ratings and generate ideas for others.

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