After the sharp decline in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at the beginning of December, Bitcoin, which is trying to exceed $ 50,000, continues to accumulate between $ 45,000 and $ 50,000.

While investors are eagerly waiting for Bitcoin to continue its rise again, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell said that there is a possibility for Bitcoin to drop below $40.00 again.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Powell said that it is difficult to predict where prices will go in the cryptocurrency market, and that a price of $ 40,000 and below would be a good opportunity to buy Bitcoin.


Confessing that he personally bought Bitcoin when Bitcoin dropped to $30,000, Kraken CEO argued that during such corrections in the crypto market, individual and institutional investors are waiting to buy cryptocurrencies.

Saying that he sees Bitcoin as a long-term investment tool, Jesse Powell continued:

   “Due to the volatile nature of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, short-term price forecasting is very difficult. However, in order to be able to buy in the corrections in the market, money must be kept on the side.”

Also referring to NFTs, the famous CEO said that he predicts NFTs will "Get bigger and bigger".

Jesse Powell also made statements about the dollar. Claiming that the dollar's value would decrease due to increasing inflation, Powell invited people to stockpile gasoline and milk and warned people not to keep their money in dollars.