Countries Most Ready for Metaverse Have Been Determined

A recent study by Uswitch has identified metaverse-ready countries by examining fixed broadband speeds and technical standards.

The increasing adoption of blockchain has led to the development of the industries it brings with it. Particular attention is paid to the metaverse and DeFi side. Although the bear trend is dominant in the crypto market, the adoption rates are increasing. Especially corporate companies and countries are working hard to take part in the new technology. Metaverse has become one of the technological developments that received the most serious investments. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stepped into the metaverse with a serious investment. In the midst of all these developments, Uswitch, an internet and phone service researcher, did a new study. The research company examined whether countries are ready for the metaverse.

Uswitch Determines Netherlands as the Most Ready Country for Metaverse

Research company Uswitch gave the Netherlands the first place in the list of countries most ready for the metaverse. According to the study, the Netherlands had one of the highest average fixed broadband speeds of 106.51 Mbps. In addition, the country realized high-tech exports of approximately 6 thousand dollars per capita last year.

The Netherlands took the first place, Switzerland took the second place and Lithuania took the third place. Malta and France come after this trio. These five countries most ready for the Metaverse also show great interest in the emerging Web3 field. Malta, in particular, has long been a blockchain and Web3 hub.

Uswitch reviewed several criteria in conducting this research. These criteria were a combination of fixed broadband speeds, broadband package prices, the number of blockchain financial startups, and the price of high-tech exports.

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