Fantom (FTM) is gaining more and more attention with each passing day. FTM, which made an incredible rally in 2021, is currently priced at $3, trading at $0.02.

The main reason for this is that it is a layer 1 protocol just like Solana (SOL) and can provide super fast transactions. FTM and SOL prices gained 14,000 percent and 11,000 percent, respectively, last year. The market cap of the FTM coin remains at $7 billion, while Solana ranks among the top 10 coins with $43 billion. According to experts, the main reason for such a large difference in market value is that, unlike Fantom, Solana is traded on Coinbase, one of the largest stock exchanges in the world.

Analysts expect FTM to surpass Solana in performance in 2022 and beyond. In this respect, it may offer a good buying opportunity. The reasons for the rise of Fantom are listed as follows.

fantom ftm

One of the fastest blockchains

ETH rivals have gained prominence in the market over the past year, as Ethereum offers slow and high-fee transactions. As a result, blockchains like Solana and Fantom, which only process transactions for a few cents, are gaining traction. The main reason for the low transaction fee is the high speed. While Ethereum can process 14 transactions per second, Solana has an average speed of 50,000 transactions per second. Fantom, on the other hand, is fast, though not as fast as Fade. During tests in 2018, it was able to process 25,000 transactions per second.


Compatible with Solana and Ethereum

Compatibility is becoming an important feature in the blockchain space. Fantom is also compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). At the same time, we can talk about FTM compatibility with Solana.

Getting support from big players

Bankman-Fried, notable for their investments in crypto, also invested in Fantom together with Solana. The fact that Fantom is also on the agenda of big players draws attention as a positive element for the coin.