In a recent and lengthy Twitter thread, an NFT trader shared his experiences of making a small fortune with his followers.

Twitter user Cirrus claims they were able to make around $500,000 in profits without relying on whitelists, bots, or "lucky mints." The crypto trader claimed to focus primarily on two projects in the NFT space and advised crypto market goers to do the same by finding a proven project instead of jumping in at random.


Cirrus said it has decided on the Lazy Lions NFT collection, which is about 2.5 times its price in August 2021. Cirrus stated that investors should examine the features and premiums of the project they have chosen, and this can take hours, but this effort is very important.


Cirrus gave a number of other useful tips to new traders, including focusing on liquidity rather than going all in on a single trade.


He recommended traders to get involved in their projects' Discord marketplace channel in order to build trust with the community, which can often lead to private deals.


Near the end of the thread, he listed the key takeaways: