Convenience for Polygon Users From Giddy

Giddy, a crypto wallet application, allows users to pay “Gas Fee” at USDC. Giddy announced in the future that more token will be paid Gas Fee. A statement came from the CEO of the company about the issue. The company’s CEO said that token will be supported even more in the future.

The new feature, called “autogas, does not actually remove MATIC from the equation. Polygon’s side chain, just as the Ethereum network needs Ethereum, still requires a habit of having a usual in MATIC. However, it trades between USDC and MATIC behind the scenes and eliminates the need for the end user to sell MATIC.

CEO Eric Parker made the following statement:

“As long as USDC, GIDDY or MATIC in the user wallet, they can exchange or send token without any additional cost or difficulty.”

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