Conflux Establishes NFT Partnership with China’s Instagram

Blockchain project Conflux was also included in the period when the cryptocurrency market was on the rise. Conflux and Xiaohongshu, known as China’s Instagram, established an NFT partnership. China’s Xiaohongshu, which managed to reach close to 300 million users in 2019 and rivals Instagram, will integrate with Conflux. The project stated that with this integration, more than 140 thousand brands from more than 200 countries and regions will be named. The popular project announced the news of the partnership on Twitter.

As a result of the partnership between Conflux and Xiaohongshu, users will be able to view their NFTs on the platform. Also called Little Red Book, Xiaohongshu has 200 million monthly active users. After this news, CFX experienced an increase of close to 38%. Conflux CTO Ming Wu noted that his project has become an important bridge in China, kicking off efforts to adopt Web3.

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