Coinbase Will Continue Staking Service

The pressure that US regulators have begun to place on the crypto industry has taken many investors and organizations under its influence. In particular, the unregistered securities claims and investigations conducted by the SEC for staking services led to a panic atmosphere in the sector. However, Coinbase stated that it will continue its staking service despite all these pressures and investigations.

Pointing out that there is no problem, Coinbase underlined that staking services, which are considered as unregistered securities by the SEC, are not disrupted. It is reported that Coinbase is even considering increasing its staking services.

A user on Twitter cited Coinbase’s update for its staking service. In its new terms, Coinbase stated that users earn their staking rewards through decentralized protocols, not directly from the exchange. Coinbase, which stated that it sent a notification to its customers via e-mail, said, “The assets you stake will continue to earn rewards. If you want to continue staking, you do not need to take any action. You can even increase your stake rewards.” made statements.

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