Ben Armstrong, who attracted attention with his analysis of cryptocurrencies and the founder of BitBoy Crypto, made a claim that the famous stock exchange Coinbase could go bankrupt.

Coinbase has temporarily suspended its affiliate marketing program in the US, Business Insider reported. In the leaked emails sent by the exchange, it was stated that the US Affiliate-Marketing Program will close on July 19, citing the current conditions of the cryptocurrency market. The e-mail allegedly sent contains the following statements, according to the claim:

   “We are sorry to inform you that Coinbase will temporarily close its Affiliate Program in the US effective Tuesday, July 19th. This was not an easy decision and we made this decision due to the current crypto market conditions.”

Warning his followers and investors about this temporary shutdown, Ben Armstrong said that Coinbase may be facing a possible bankruptcy.

   "Coinbase shut down their affiliate program and are getting rid of CoinBase pro. Recent history would suggest there could be trouble ahead for CB so tread lightly. If Coinbase were to go insolvent, this would break crypto the crypto space like we have never seen before "

Armstrong thinks that the probability of Coinbase going bankrupt is pretty low, but added that after what we've seen about Coinbase over the past few months, nothing can be ruled out. As it is known, Coinbase's share prices fell by about 85% from its all-time high of $357 to its current level of $53.79.


Coinbase Adds 3 New Altcoins to Roadmap

According to a post shared by Coinbase on July 16, the company has added Metal Pay (MTL), Gnosis (GNO), and Raydium (RAY) to its roadmap.

According to CoinmarketCap data, Coinbase, the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, announced in the past months that it will include more cryptocurrencies in its ecosystem. After these statements, the giant company, which opened dozens of different altcoins for users to trade, shared an update that they will list the new three altcoins in the future. The explanation on their blog about why they added new altcoins to their ecosystem is as follows:

   “As we stated during our Asset Hub launch, our goal is to list every possible asset that meets our legal, compliance and technical security standards. These standards do not take into account the market value or popularity of a project.”