There is very little time left for the Merge merger, which will take place on the Ethereum network. While the market and investors focused on the Merge merger, Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA, shared about Merge.

Coinbase said there are four risks in the Ethereum Merge merger, which envisions the transition from PoW to PoS. In his post on his Coinbase Cloud Twitter account, he stated that the Merge merger carries four risks under the heading of technical, operational and economic risks.

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Technical Risk: As mentioned many times, Merge is the most technically complex upgrade ever to occur in crypto. Therefore, errors and technical glitches are more likely to occur. Merge also includes the merger of two completely different blockchains from the hard fork, the execution layer Ethereum Mainnet (PoW) and the consensus layer Beacon Chain (PoS).

Operational Risk: After the Bellatrix hard fork, the participation of validators and node operators dropped as some failed to upgrade their clients. The falling participation rate also poses an operational risk for Merge.

Economic Risk: The thing about economic risk is that it is based in part on technical and operational risks. With the transition to PoS after Merge, miners will no longer have a function and will become unnecessary. As a result, miners will have to switch to other existing crypto mining.

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Also, the Ethereum PoW fork, which is supported by miners who want to continue mining on Ethereum, may also cause some critical issues in dApp, DeFi platforms and other systems. It was also stated that these potential risks may cause Ethereum, which sees above the psychological limit of $ 1,500, to fall below this level.

With the "Merge", which refers to some structural updates to the Ethereum blockchain, it is aimed to reduce the energy consumption in the network by at least 99 percent.