Coinbase Lists This Altcoin

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that it will list the Blur (BLUR) altcoin on its exchange. The Ethereum-based altcoin, which is not yet traded on any exchange, will debut on most platforms on February 14. BLUR, the own token of the NFT sales platform of the same name, has recently come to the fore with messages that it will be listed by many exchanges. Blur was designed to rival the world’s most widely used OpenSea NFT sales platform.

Here’s how the developers introduce the Blur platform on their website:

“Blur is a well-designed marketplace and NFT market aggregator that offers advanced analytics, excellent portfolio management capabilities, and the ability to compare NFTs across multiple markets. Such capabilities make this market increasingly preferred by professional NFT investors.

This Ethereum-based digital marketplace is in a different position from other platforms in the NFT market. Blur has a wealth of features that support better NFT trading experiences and can help traders optimize their profits.”

Blur’s native token is BLUR, which offers a management feature. The first BLUR airdrop gave access to these tokens in the form of Care Packages to users who were active in beta testing six months before the official Blur launch in October 2022. The second airdrop was for traders actively listing in the market until November 2022. The third and final airdrop has been allocated to traders who bid on Blur until February 14, 2023.

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