Coinbase Conducts Smart Contract Test with ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence, one of the biggest trends of recent times, has started to gain popularity around the world. The technology, which the richest people in the world stand behind and often support, started to integrate into the crypto sector. Popular crypto exchange Coinbase wanted to test claims about ChatGPT’s ability to detect vulnerabilities. The crypto exchange has conducted smart contract tests with ChatGPT to test the recent AI frenzy.

Coinbase focused on security and efficiency issues in smart contracts with its “Blockchain Security” team. Blockchain Security used ChatGPT to perform automated token reviews. The team compared the results from these tests with the “standard token security review” methods. In this benchmark, 20 smart contract risk scores were compared. ChatGPT gave the same result as 12 times manual inspection. However, in 5 of the other 8 errors that popped up, ChatGPT was observed to label high-risk assets as low-risk.

Publishing a statement as a result of the tests, Coinbase stated that ChatGPT is promising and has potential. However, Coinbase feels that ChatGPT is not yet sufficient to be integrated into processes such as smart contract audits.

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