Coca Cola chooses Base for NFT collection

Coca Cola has also been added to companies that have stepped into the NFT world. The company will launch its NFT collection, which it produced as part of the “Summer on Chain” organization, on the Base network, which Coinbase made publicly available last week. While the Coinbase exchange also made a statement on the subject, the announcement said, “Coca Cola carries the Global Masterpiece campaign on-chain with many well-known artists.”

In the collection called Masterpiece, there is also a work called The Scream by known artist Edvard Munch. While Coca Cola is the biggest company to come to Base with this NFT step, it is stated that several important NFT projects will be in Base in August.

This NFT collection is also very important for large companies to move into the digital space and interact with this world. Known artists such as Aket from France and Fatma Ramadan from Egypt are included in this collection, which will reach not only art galleries but also the whole world. As it will be remembered, Base switched to the mainnet on August 9 last week and was made available to the general public. The Beta version of the Ethereum layer 2 network, which currently has more than 100 decentralized applications, was also launched in February.

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