Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko talked about his vision for Solana Blockchain to become the system of choice for global finance in a recent interview. Referring to the speed of the Solana network, Yakovenko claimed that this feature can eliminate inefficiencies in global markets. The Solana founder realizes that a major breakthrough is needed to become the mainstream network within a massive application built on the Blockchain network. Saying that such an application should have at least 100 million users, Yakovenko said that only in this way can it have a global power.

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According to a report released this month, the Solana network was interrupted 5 times in 2022 alone. While network outages are seen as a serious problem to Solana's adoption, Yakovenko says it's caused by low-fee and fast transactions on the network. The longest outage in the Solana network was in September last year, when block production stopped for 17 hours. These outages, which are very common in the Solana network, also negatively affect the token price. For example, during the 4-hour blackout in June, the SOL token lost more than 10 percent of its value.

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On the other hand, Solana saw a 30% gain in value in September. Solana achieved a similar momentum at the beginning of August and rose to the $50 limit with an increase of nearly 30%. Some opinions attributed the increase in SOL value at that time to the decision of Helium core developers to switch to the Solana network. Because Helium (HNT) price saw a 66% depreciation from the beginning of August to the first week of September after the announcement. After starting September on a bullish run, Solana found balance at $32 after reversing a significant portion of its gains in this week's overall bearish momentum. After yesterday's partial appreciation, SOL is fluctuating in the range of $33 - $34.8 today.