From the AltStreetBet twitter account, a rally claim came in the coming days for the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin and the Metaverse coin Decentraland (Mana).

Underlining that we are still in the bull market, AltStreetBet always states that sales should not be made with panic and fear.

With its latest update, AltStreetBet is now waiting for a rise without seeing any correction movement. The multi-follower analyst, who told his followers that "if you haven't gotten on the train, you're missing it", shared the movements of Bitcoin on the chart in the coming days.

   "As soon as CME opens, #BTC uptrend will begin."

New Target for Decentraland $8!

The AltStreetBet account, which claimed that Decentraland (MANA), which was at the level of $ 3.25 at the time of publication, will go up sharply with the recovery of Bitcoin, also knew the next drop as a full price prediction.

AltStreetBet, which caught the eye of investors after knowing the drop, claims that the current target of MANA is $ 8 level. Saying that Metaverse projects will be priced hard in the coming days, the analyst states that he has also invested in some projects.


ManaUsdt 2

Considering that the current trend is Metaverse, besides the overpriced Metaverse products such as AXS, MANA, SAND, it still seems to be not fully priced.