The Anchorage company, which acquired a digital asset custody license in January, had grown rapidly. Following this investment, received in the Series D funding round, the company's market value reached $3 billion.

Anchorage has received a total of $350 million in investments from some companies, including asset custody giant KKR, renowned investment bank Goldman Sachs, and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Anchorage CEO Diogo Monica stated that this investment will be used to expand crypto money services and provide a better service to its customers, including institutions and large banks, and made a big claim.

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   “Institutions have already started preparations for the products that they will begin to offer to their customers in the middle and end of 2022, already in 2020. I also think that banks will now provide crypto money services to their customers by the end of 2022. For example, buying and selling Bitcoin can also be done through banks.”

Anchorage's license does just that. Thanks to the license obtained, the company has the right to sign contracts with both banks and giants of the financial world such as Visa. In the service to be offered by banks, Anchorage will be able to provide staking services, as well as contributing to custody.

CEO Monica stated that half of Anchorage's revenues come from custody services, but they have also started to develop staking and loan services. Monica also said that banks will begin to offer DeFi-based return services in the future. As it is known, Anchorage also provides many new styles of crypto custody services for institutions. For example, Crypto Punks NFTs held for Visa and some other companies are some of them. There are not only private companies among Anchorage's customers. The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and US Marshals affiliated to the Department of Justice are also among the customers.

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Referring to the plans to go public on the question asked, Mobico stated that there will be no attempts to resort to this path in any way, like Robinhood and Coinbase. Stating that they still did not touch the 80 million dollar investment they received in February, Monico said that the economic situation of the company is good.

Investors in the Series D round include Alameda Research, BlackRock, Blockchain, Kraken, and PayPal Ventures, in addition to KKR, Andreessen Horowitz, and Goldman Sachs.