The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, which started on February 4, 2022 and ended on February 20, became one of the unforgettable events among the Olympic Games. The Olympics made a name for itself in history with political crises, records, new faces and doping scandals. Today, for those who want to embrace these Olympics in some way, China has released its official NFTs.

China, which declared all cryptocurrency transactions illegal in September 2021, has put its official NFTs for sale to coincide with this. The NFT (Non-fungible token) collection, which was launched with the partnership of a total of 5 institutions and organizations, especially the China Sports General Administration Sports Culture Development Center, the China Olympic Museum and the China Sports Museum, was designed to represent five different sports branches in the Winter Olympics.

Beijing Winter Olympics NFTs

The collection was created by depicting the mascot named Xiao Cang in different sports. A small explanation in both Chinese and English was included on each work. NFTs were created on the BSV blockchain and offered for sale on Bitcoin SV (1 BSV = $84). A total of 700 NFTs have been offered for sale, while 103 NFTs (Non-fungible token) have been sold so far.

Those who purchase the five NFTs in the collection will be able to convert these NFTs into the 'Short Course Speed ​​Skating' NFT (Non-fungible token) named 'Shining SSR Mascor'. The first 5 NFTs are on sale for a maximum of 0.35 BSV, while the final NFT (Non-fungible token), which is made by combining the five NFTs (Non-fungible token), is available for up to 5 BSV ($420).

Recently, Chinese entertainment giant Tencent was approved by the United Nations to lead the project that will explore establishing the standard technical framework and security framework for NFTs.