Charlie Lee Talks About LTC Price Prediction

Litecoin developer Charlie Lee came to the agenda with a big rally prediction in LTC price 3 months before the halving of the cryptocurrency. Speaking about the LTC price for the first time in a long time, Lee expects the cryptocurrency to appreciate at least 10% against BTC on the halving path.

Believing that Litecoin has much greater potential, Lee said that while claiming that its current value is not fair, he mentioned that among the prominent features of the cryptocurrency, it has higher efficiency in terms of design and scalability with extension blocks, and better tradability and privacy than MWEB. Litecoin developer Lee also noted that the Litecoin network has been running for 11.5 years with zero downtime, while praising the coin as a low-fee, fairly-released value with its own ASIC miners as a compatible protocol with Bitcoin.

Charlie Lee, while estimating the price for Litecoin over BTC value, thinks that LTC may increase to 0.025 BTC in the post-halving period. Lee also thinks that it will not be difficult for LTC to jump to 0.0125 BTC in the next bull season. Currently, 1 LTC is traded in the 0.0003 BTC band. In a possible pullback, Charlie Lee thinks that LTC will not fall below 0.0025 BTC.

Launched as a Bitcoin fork, Litecoin, like the Bitcoin network, performs a reward halving every 4 years. Currently, 12.5 LTC rewards are distributed per block on the LTC network, while this amount will decrease to 6.25 LTC after the halving, which will take place on August 2. Apart from the halving event that creates a bullish perception in Litecoin, the introduction of the LRC-20 standard, which enables the integration of the ordinals mechanism to the LTC network, was a development that was positively received by the investors.

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