While the selling pressure in the markets has eased somewhat today, the total value remains just under $1 trillion. The average transaction volume is over $90 billion.

Bitcoin (BTC) hung as high as $19,000 with above-average depreciation in yesterday's transactions, but managed to close the day above the $20,000 level. Today, it moves sideways in the $20,000 - $20,400 band.

Bitcoin Btc Ethereum Eth

Ethereum (ETH) continues to move with the market, hours before the Merge update. ETH found balance at $1,600 today, after sagging to the $1,500 band yesterday.

While entering the US trading hours, Cardano (ADA) among the high-capital cryptocurrencies, which continued its horizontal course, was the crypto money that recovered the best from the bottom levels and is currently moving in the 0.48 band by turning its 24-hour outlook to positive.

Among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, Celsius draws attention with its divergent movements from the market. Accompanying the sharp downward momentum yesterday, the crypto currency saw a serious demand in the morning hours today. CEL, which saw a nearly 50 percent increase in value on a daily basis, found a balance at $ 1.7 after rising to the $2 band.


In recent developments with Celsius Network, the intention of the company's CEO Alex Mashinksy to transition from the credit space to the crypto surveillance business as part of the bailout plans seems to have been received positively. In addition, the US Department of Justice's request for an independent auditor to review Celsius's financial position and activity following Celsius's bankruptcy declaration was accepted.

Another prominent altcoin today is Ravencoin (RVN). Continuing to make a name for itself in September, RVN has gained 150 percent since the beginning of the month. The altcoin, which quickly compensated for its losses in yesterday's sales wave, continues its strong trend with an increase of 16 percent today.

Terra (LUNA), on the other hand, became the highest-losing altcoin in the top 100, with the effect of the arrest warrant issued for Do Kwon and Terraform Labs employees today. LUNA has dropped close to 30 percent in the last 24 hours, while LUNC and USTC follow LUNA with double-digit losses.