Celo’s proposal to migrate to Ethereum accepted

Celo, one of the popular Layer 1 projects, recently launched a community vote for the transition to the Ethereum network. In the vote, which ended on July 31, 2023, members of governance agreed to the migration of CELO to the Ethereum network. It is expected that the transition to the network will be completed in the coming period.

Although blockchain solutions in the Web3 ecosystem aim to expand their own networks, Celo took the first concrete step towards the transition to the Ethereum network last month. Celo, which will evolve to offer a Layer 2 solution, needed a community vote to perform this operation. In the voting concluded as of today, 128 affirmative, 2 negative and 1 abstention votes were cast.

The cLabs team will migrate the Celo network to the Ethereum network in the next phase. CELO, an EVM compatible blockchain solution, offers mobile solutions. It is a matter of curiosity how much interest such a Layer 2 solution will receive on the Ethereum network.

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