Celo Foundation Announces Collaboration with Google Cloud

Google continues great partnerships in the Web3 and crypto space. The Celo Foundation published a blog post today stating that Celo is pleased to announce a new partnership with Google Cloud to support the growth of mission-oriented projects in the blockchain ecosystem and expand early adoption of Google Cloud services.

As cLabs’ cloud provider of choice, Google Cloud’s secure and sustainable cloud infrastructure has supported the development of the Celo Platform since 2018. Building on the success of this collaboration, Google Cloud joins the Celo Foundation’s founding programs by providing credits for the use of Google Cloud and Firebase to founders working on Celo. Xochitl Cazador, Head of Ecosystem Growth at the Celo Foundation, said:

“As the first Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain to be carbon-negative, Celo is known as Web3’s ‘Home of ReFi,’ or regenerative finance, with 1,000+ projects providing real-world benefits in over 150 countries. Our partnership with Google Cloud will help developers and Web3 founders building on the Celo blockchain build and scale their applications on the industry’s cleanest cloud.”

The Google Cloud core team will also join Twilio SendGrid, HubSpot, and Coinbase Cloud, providing project support by guiding the Celo Foundation’s Founders in Residence program and the eight-week virtual Celo Camp accelerator. Richard Widmann, Head of Strategy at Google Cloud Web3, made the following statement:

“Google Cloud is focused on enabling the next wave of innovation in Web3, which is why we’re excited to expand our partnership with Celo to offer Google Cloud credits and guidance for their builder community. Working with Celo and the Web3 startup community, we look forward to driving forward Google Cloud’s vision of enabling secure, scalable, and sustainable innovation through technology.”

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