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Celo and Opera Collaborate in Nigeria

Celo, a leading blockchain platform, announced that it has partnered with the popular browser Opera to introduce the MiniPay stablecoin wallet. This innovative digital wallet is preparing to make its debut in Nigeria, taking an important step in the fintech world.

MiniPay has been seamlessly integrated into the Opera mobile browser Opera Mini, a platform widely preferred by African mobile internet users. The main purpose of this development is to enable users in Africa to effectively benefit from Web3 products.

The strategic partnership between Celo and Opera is poised to unlock new areas of accessibility and convenience in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Combining Celo’s cutting-edge blockchain technology with Opera’s user-friendly interface, MiniPay emerges as a user-centric solution specifically designed to meet the needs of the African market.

Nigeria, with its vibrant tech-savvy population, is seen as an ideal region for this transformative initiative. MiniPay wallet is poised to play a key role in financial inclusion and access to digital assets for millions of users.

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