CEEK VR, which crypto money investors have been following closely in recent days, continues to sign big deals. One of the products with the highest potential of Metaverse is CEEK.

Recently, it was seen that Kucoin, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, opened a shop on the metaverse universe of CEEK VR. As of today, according to the latest announcement, successful cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global shared that it supports CEEK VR and bought land. Huobi Global shared the following words about CEEK VR on its official Twitter account:

   "Let's celebrate #Ethereum's birthday together with @CEEK in the #metaverse!"

CEEK VR official Twitter account, which shared a tweet after this incoming sharing, thanks Huobi Global stock market for its contribution to the universe of the popular metaverse product.

The popular metaverse product CEEK VR, which was trading at $0.24 at the time of writing, is still below a critical resistance point.

CEEK, which can rise to $ 0.40 in a short time after overcoming the $0.26 resistance in the following process, can experience much harder rises after breaking this resistance.

If CEEK VR fails to surpass the $0.26 resistance, it seems likely to experience a pullback to the $0.20 support level.


Curve Finance seeks one million OP token grant from Optimism

Popular decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Curve Finance is seeking a grant of one million OP tokens from Ethereum layer-2 network Optimism. Curve submitted a grant proposal on the Optimism forum on Sunday, July 24, 2022. One million OP tokens will be used for incentives to liquidity providers (LPs) providing liquidity in Curve pools on Optimism. According to the proposal, these 1 million OP tokens will be distributed as emissions to eligible pools for 20 weeks. It was stated that the grant will help attract more liquidity to Curve pools in Optimism, which could contribute to the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.