Sudoswap Airdropped Its Sudo Tokens

SudoSwap has signed an AirDrop where it distributes SUDOs among its users according to predetermined criteria.

Premier League Signs Deal With NFT Based Fantasy Soccer Game

Popular NFT project Sorare announced that it has signed an agreement with one of the world's largest football organizations, the Premier League.

Bitcoin Community Discusses NFTs

The Bitcoin community has started to discuss the place of NFTs in the ecosystem.
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Is Amazon Entering the Blockchain World?

The claim that the global electronic shopping site Amazon will step into the NFT ecosystem has created excitement.

Conflux Establishes NFT Partnership with China’s Instagram

Conflux has risen close to 38% after its NFT partnership with Xiaohongshu.

Blur Wants to Become the Market Leader of the NFT Industry

Blur, a newcomer to the sector, has recently attracted attention. In fact, Blur's performance began to challenge OpenSea, the market leader.

Rise in NFT Sales Made ETH Redeflationist

Increasing instantaneous NFT sales on the Ethereum network changed the rate of ETH that the network produced and burned, causing Ethereum to become re-deflationary.

Binance Brings New Rules to the NFT Market

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has made an announcement regarding the regulation of NFT printing rules.

NFT Preparation from the Luxury Fashion Brand

Famous French luxury fashion brand preparing to enter the metaverse with trademark registration applications for the use of NFT for virtual goods.

NFT Project Azuki Launches A Virtual City

NFT project Azuki has launched a virtual city called Hilumia. Hilumia will include a toy store, arcade, gym and even a love contest called “Love Island”.
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Million Dollar Move from Ripple

The Ripple (XRP) department has announced a new grant for its developers.

Shiba Inu Collaborates with Bugatti Group

The developers of the popular memecoin Shiba Inu have announced a new collaboration.

OpenSea Will Support NFTs on Arbitrum Nova

NFT marketplace OpenSea has announced support for Arbitrum Nova.

This NFT Project Established the Hollywood Partnership

NFT coin Moonbirds announced that it has partnered with Hollywood talent agency UTA.

Y00ts and DeGods Say ‘Goodbye’ to Solana

The news of the move of the Y00ts and DeGods NFT collections from Solana to Polygon was via Discord.
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Mastercard Announced “Artist Accelerator” Program

With the collaboration of Mastercard and Polygon, five musicians from around the world will be given the opportunity to establish their brands in Web3 music.
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Significant NFT Development by Avalanche

Shopify merchants will now have the ability to design, print and sell NFTs on the Avalanche network.