Galaxy Digital: “Bitcoin NFT Market Will Grow”

Crypto investment firm Galaxy Digital predicts that the Bitcoin NFT market could reach a size of $4.5 billion by 2025.

Nurmagomedov Launches NFT Collection in Collaboration with GMT

World-renowned MMA athlete Khabib Nurmagomedov released an NFT collection in cooperation with GMT.

$1.6M Offer To Twitch Streamer For Its NFT

Players who finish the Dookey Dash game get the NFT of the Dookey Dash winning key at the end of the game. Winning players are offered a hefty sum for this NFT.

Cardano’s NFT Project Announces Sandbox Integration

Clay Nation, one of the most successful NFT projects in the Cardano network, announced its integration with Sandbox (SAND).
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Audius Integrates TikTok

Audius officialized a critical partnership in the past minutes.

Spotify Is Testing Token-Enabled Music Playlists

Spotify, which is the biggest name of the online music market, came up with an NFT -oriented test.

NFT and Web3 Friendly New CEO to YouTube

Neal Mohan, who has been appointed as the new CEO of YouTube, pointed out that NFTs and Web3 technology can be an important tool.

New Era in OpenSea: Change in Pricing Policy

OpenSea, the world's largest NFT trading platform, has made changes in its price policy.

NFT Animation Studio Raises $20M with Backing from Amazon and Google

Amazon and Google invested $20 million in the NFT project.

Lamborghini and VeVe Collaborate on NFT Collection

NFT marketplace VeVe is collaborating with renowned Italian automaker Automobili Lamborghini to launch digital collections of iconic sports cars.
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Square Enix to Launch Blockchain Game Symbiogenesis

Square Enix, the maker of the video game series Final Fantasy, is gearing up to launch the blockchain game Symbiogenesis as it continues to expand its presence in the Web3 industry.

Coinbase Lists This Altcoin

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that it will list the Blur (BLUR) altcoin on its exchange.

Report: More than 50% Change in Ethereum NFT Market Cap

Ethereum NFT market cap fell 59.60% from $9.3 billion in 2022 to approximately $3.7 billion in early 2023.

Chiliz Rolls Out Layer 1 Blockchain

Chiliz has validated the genesis block of its new layer 1 blockchain, according to a blog post.

NFT Step from WeTransfer

WeTransfer is stepping into the NFT world with its partnership with the blockchain platform Minima.
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Yakovenko: “Solana Will Survive”

Anatoly Yakovenko, the creator of Solana (SOL), stated that Solana will survive while making remarkable predictions for the cryptocurrency market for the next 12 to 18 months.
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JVCEA Approves Enjin Supported Efinity

Enjin-backed Efinity Token became the first crypto gaming token (EFI) to be approved in Japan, with approval in 2021.

Hublot and Murakami Launch NFT Collection

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami will collaborate with the famous Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot to create an NFT collection.