Analyst Claims Ethereum Will Overtake Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency analyst Morgan Bennett talked about the flippening that defined Ethereum's overtaking of Bitcoin.

Celsius Moves $750M ETH

Celsius, one of the crypto companies that declared bankruptcy in the wave of bankruptcy last year, is moving about $ 800 million in ETH.
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Krüger Expects Rise By Year’s End

Alex Krüger expects the rise in the crypto money markets to continue until the end of the year.

Messari Founder Signals Long for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ryan Selkis invited investors to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), pointing to US monetary policies.
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Ethereum NFTs Can Be Moved To Bitcoin

Bitcoin NFT marketplace Ordinals Market has announced the BRC-721E standard that allows users to port their ERC-721 NFT to Ordinals.

“Ethereum Can Stand Out as a Store of Value”

The global asset manager has shared its latest price prediction for Ethereum.
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Analyst: “Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin Price Will Go Here”

Senior analyst expects LTC Coin price to rise above $110. Drops are expected soon for BTC and ETH.

Ethereum Balance on Exchanges Approaches All-Time Low

The number of Ether (ETH) on exchanges has reached a low not seen since July 2016 with the staking of existing ether.
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Bitcoin Overtakes Solana in NFT Transaction Volume

Bitcoin Ordinals, which allow the creation of NFTs over the Bitcoin network, have significantly increased network activity.

Buterin Warns of Network Overload

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, drew attention to the overload in the Ethereum consensus mechanism.

Visa Uses Ethereum Goerli Network

Global payments giant Visa has used Ethereum's Goerli testnet to try out fees-free payments.
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Important Ethereum Voting on Lido Finance

Lido Finance has upgraded it to version 2, a critical change that allows users to withdraw Ether (ETH) from the platform.
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Giant Transfers for Bitcoin and 3 Altcoins from Whales

Cryptocurrency whales are back in action. This time, their transfers regarding Bitcoin and 3 altcoins draw attention.

441,000 ETH Added to Liquid Staking Derivatives

In less than two weeks, 441,100 Ethereum (ETH) has been added to liquid staking derivatives.

BTC – ETH Correlation Below 80% For The First Time In 18 Months

According to Kaiko, Bitcoin's 30-day correlation with Ethereum has dropped below 80 percent for the first time in 18 months.
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ETH Rate on Exchanges Drops to Record Level

Despite the price drops in Bitcoin and Ethereum, crypto investors continue to withdraw their assets from exchanges.

Ethereum’s Staking Rate Could Double In The Next 18 Months

The latest report focuses on the performance of Ethereum's staking rate in the coming months.

Zhao’s ETH Share is a Rally Signal?

An Ethereum share came from Binance CEO CZ, who shared against the FUD news in the crypto money industry.