Huobi Publishes Transparency Report

With the collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried's crypto empire, other cryptocurrency exchanges began publishing transparency reports.

Promising BTC Forecast from Analyst to Market

Cryptocurrency analyst and veteran trader Tone Vays points to a bullish situation for Bitcoin in the long run.
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Elon Musk Recounts the Conversation Between Sam Bankman-Fried

Musk attended a Twitter Spaces session to discuss the hacking of FTX and share his thoughts on Bankman-Fried.

FTX Move from Tether

New developments continue to occur regarding the crypto money exchange FTX.

Brownstone Institute Is Pessimistic on Bitcoin

Due to the FTX crisis, Bitcoin (BTC) entered a new level of uncertainty, losing the critical support level at $20,000.

Ripple CTO Asked Likely to Apple or Microsoft

The first move towards the employees of FTX, who are experiencing liquidity problems, and who are expected to be unemployed, came from the Ripple community.

LTC, ADA, FTT Price Forecast for 2023

Between the liquidity crisis of FTX and the subsequent collapse of the crypto market, there is an opportunity to invest and make money in the years to come.
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Hayes Announces Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana Forecast

BitMEX Former CEO Arthur Hayes shared his price prediction for Solana, along with leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin Mining Initiative From Oil Giant Shell?

Good news for the crypto markets, which have been shaken by the FTX crisis. Giant oil company Shell will launch a Bitcoin mining venture.

“Sorry I Should Have Done Better”

FTX CEO who dumped Bitcoin broke his silence: "Man Won"

New Altcoin Listing News from Coinbase

Coinbase has added a new cryptocurrency to its roadmap. The major cryptocurrency exchange has announced a new altcoin listing.
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Tether Froze FTX’s $46 Million USDT

Tether announced that it had frozen $46 million USDT on the Tron blockchain.

FTX Parable by Arthur Hayes

BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes likened FTX to Lehman Brothers and explained his prediction about Bitcoin.

Circle and Tether Respond to Rumors

Circle and Tether disclosed that they have no commercial affiliation with FTX or Alameda.

Luna Founder Kwon Appears Live

LUNA founder Do Kwon, who is on Interpol's wanted list, appeared on the live broadcast during the moments when the Binance - FTX event shook the market.