Allaire: Digital Dollars Are Critical

The Circle CEO says the future of the dollar is at stake in the next decades. The US can maintain its strong position on a global scale if it accepts stablecoins as an opportunity.

Analyst: “This Level Must Be Crossed To Talk A Bull Scenario”

Cryptocurrency analyst Trend Rider shared his views on the current view of Bitcoin price with his followers in his post on Twitter.

Crypto Comment from Dogecoin Co-Founder

Billy Markus warned crypto investors. Markus said to be careful about emotional attachment to purchased cryptocurrencies.

Visa Uses Ethereum Goerli Network

Global payments giant Visa has used Ethereum's Goerli testnet to try out fees-free payments.

Binance Founder CZ Continues to Advise

The statements of Binance founder Changpeng Zhao are closely followed by crypto investors.

“Bankruptcies Changed Market Dynamics”

Santiment, published its new research on its official Twitter account.

Kiyosaki Advocates for Bitcoin in Fight Against Corruption

Robert Kiyosaki is known as one of the leading advocates of alternative investments such as Bitcoin, Gold and Silver.

“CBDCs Increase Payment Speeds”

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has confirmed that CBDC interoperability and payment speeds are improving.

Is Michael Saylor Heading To Bitcoin Ordinals?

MicroStrategy Co-Founder Michael Saylor stated that the company is researching Bitcoin Ordinals and evaluating its potential.

Analyst: “It Will Rise For at Least 1 Month”

Cryptocurrency analyst Bluntz made an important assessment for Litecoin (LTC). The analyst expects LTC to rise steadily for at least a month.

Spot Bitcoin ETF Review by Van Eck

VanEck's CEO, Jan Van Eck, stated that he does not expect spot Bitcoin ETFs to be approved in the next 1.5 years and commented, "There is no chance".
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Litecoin Grabs the Attention of Crypto Investors

Rising transaction fees in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin are pushing crypto investors to invest in different cryptocurrencies.
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Tether Announces Investment Plan in Bitcoin

Tether, the issuer of the market's largest stablecoin USDT, has announced plans to hold more Bitcoin in its reserves.

Ledger: “Future Customers Will Want Exactly This”

Ledger does not accept criticism of its new wallet recovery service.
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Important Ethereum Voting on Lido Finance

Lido Finance has upgraded it to version 2, a critical change that allows users to withdraw Ether (ETH) from the platform.

Famous Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Talks About Bitcoin

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones stated that Bitcoin (BTC) has lost much of its appeal due to the regulatory problems it faces.

Samsung to Explore South Korea’s CBDC for Payments

Samsung will conduct joint research with the Bank of Korea to develop an ecosystem for the central bank digital currency.

Bermuda, The New Address of Crypto Firms?

The tightening of regulations in the US and the licensing of Coinbase last month has made Bermuda the new address for crypto companies.