Indian Finance Minister: “We Are Not Against Blockchain”

Finance minister in India, stated that they are not against blockchain technology, but cryptocurrencies should definitely be followed.

Reply from Yakovenko to Ethereum Community

The founder of Solana, who continues his work in the blockchain field, responded to the Ethereum community.

The Surprising Rise of PEPE

A trader is taking advantage of the coin's wild rise, a currency based on the "pepe the frog" humor.
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Metaverse Partnership Between Alibaba and Avalanche

Alibaba Cloud is preparing to launch a metaverse on the blockchain by collaborating with the smart contract-based layer-1 blockchain platform Avalanche.

Cardano Protocol Hydra Live

Input Output Hong Kong announced the launch of Hydra on the mainnet, setting a brand new standard for scalability in the proof-of-stake network.

Nigeria Passes National Blockchain Law

The Nigerian government has approved the National Blockchain Policy,
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Daily Unique Address Number of EVM Compatible Blockchains Reached a Record

The high transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain led users to other EVM compatible blockchains at a record level.

Google Cloud and Polygon Labs Announce Agreement

Google Cloud has announced an extensive partnership with Polygon Labs.

Binance Adds 3 New Trading Pairs

Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that it has added three new trading pairs to its platform.
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Solana Labs Introduces ChatGPT Plugin

The developers aim to strengthen the Solana network with the ChatGPT plugin.
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NFT Sales Rise on Non-Ethereum Blockchain Networks

Interestingly, there has been an increase in the sale of NFTs on Blockchain networks other than Ethereum.

cBTC Started Operating on Cardano Testnet

Wrapped Bitcoins are made available on the Cardano testnet. The AnetaBTC project aims to increase Bitcoin liquidity in the Cardano ecosystem.
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Binance Pay and ivendPay Join Forces

Binance announced its partnership with payment solution Binance Pay and international payment service Ivendpay.

RippleNet Exceeds 20 Million Transactions Limit

RippleNet service of the US-based financial technology startup has passed an important milestone.

Solana Starts Publishing Carbon Emissions Data

Solana, one of Ethereum's biggest rival projects, has announced that it will publish its network emissions data publicly.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Rises To Record High

Bitcoin's mining difficulty level rose 1.72% on Thursday, reaching a record high.
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MOOI Network Lists on MEXC Global

MOOI Network announced the listing of its governance token MOOI on MEXC Global.