Bitcoin Becomes 2nd Largest NFT Network

Bitcoin started to rise rapidly in the NFT field after the development of the BRC-20 standard.

Analyst: “These Two Levels Are Very Critical”

Rekt Capital, one of the well-known analysts of the crypto money world, evaluated Bitcoin in its statement on Twitter.

Analyst: “Will History Repeat?”

Analyst Lark Davis is expecting a rise in Bitcoin price. A bullish crossover on the MACD had previously triggered the $9,000 rally.
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Bitcoin Overtakes Solana in NFT Transaction Volume

Bitcoin Ordinals, which allow the creation of NFTs over the Bitcoin network, have significantly increased network activity.

Shared Leading Signal for Bitcoin

While the weekly consolidated price range of Bitcoin has reached the lowest levels of the last 3 years, the expectation of high volatility has been put forward recently.

“Perhaps One More Shake Out Break, Then Thrust Higher”

Veteran analyst Peter Brandt shared his new prediction about Bitcoin.

Analyst: “This Level Must Be Crossed To Talk A Bull Scenario”

Cryptocurrency analyst Trend Rider shared his views on the current view of Bitcoin price with his followers in his post on Twitter.

Analyst: BTC Will Rise To This Level By This Date

Coosh Alemzadeh, a crypto entrepreneur and analyst, shared a new analysis on his Twitter account.
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OKX CEO Tweets About Listing ORDI

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX has announced that it will list a new altcoin. At the same time, the company CEO also made a statement.

Analyst’s BTC Forecast for June

In May, crypto's tough bear market conditions became evident again, with popular crypto analyst Justin Bennett pointing to further declines.

Kiyosaki Advocates for Bitcoin in Fight Against Corruption

Robert Kiyosaki is known as one of the leading advocates of alternative investments such as Bitcoin, Gold and Silver.

“If Bitcoin Follows This Pattern, Its Price May Rise”

According to IntoTheBlock, Bitcoin is currently displaying a bullish signal that has historically resulted in significant gains. However!

Allemann: “Bitcoin Silence Heralds A Huge Price Explosion”

Glassnode co-founder Yann Allemann stated that Bitcoin (BTC), which has been flat for a while, may be on the verge of a big explosion.
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Litecoin Grabs the Attention of Crypto Investors

Rising transaction fees in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin are pushing crypto investors to invest in different cryptocurrencies.

Scaramucci: “BTC’s Real Price Is This Level”

Anthony Scaramucci, founder and managing partner of Skybridge, which manages $2 billion in assets, talked about Bitcoin.
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Tether Announces Investment Plan in Bitcoin

Tether, the issuer of the market's largest stablecoin USDT, has announced plans to hold more Bitcoin in its reserves.

Famous Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Talks About Bitcoin

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones stated that Bitcoin (BTC) has lost much of its appeal due to the regulatory problems it faces.

Bitcoin is One of the Top 3 Preferred Investment Tools

Bloomberg, which conducted a survey of Bitcoin's price prediction, revealed that the price of the largest cryptocurrency is more likely to rise towards the $35,000 level.