Report: “Bitcoin Price Will Be at This Level by the End of the Year”

According to the report published by Matrixport, when we look at the historical performance of Bitcoin, the last quarter of the year generally stands out as one of the strongest periods.

Kiyosaki: “Collect Gold, Silver and Bitcoin”

Robert Kiyosaki drew attention to the importance of accumulating gold, silver and Bitcoin.

Nomura launches Bitcoin fund for institutional investors

Laser Digital, the digital assets subsidiary of Nomura announced that it has issued the Bitcoin Adaptation Fund.

$54 million from crypto products

Last week's figures for crypto and digital investment products have been announced. In the CoinShares report, it was seen that there was a net outflow of 54 million dollars from crypto products.

Transaction Volume Increased Led by BTC, SOL, ADA and XRP

Last week, crypto investment products at the largest asset managers such as Grayscale, 21Shares, Bitwise and ProShares saw an outflow of $53.5 million, completing a five-week period of consecutive declines.

“The Increasing Number of Altcoins Has a Negative Effect”

Mike McGlone, one of Bloomberg's experienced analysts, discussed the situation of Bitcoin in his latest post.

The number of wallet addresses on the Bitcoin network reached an ath

Bitcoin (BTC) once again opened consolidation mode by rising above $26,500.

Analyst: “Bitcoin Bull Market Continues”

According to Pizzino, Bitcoin bulls are waiting for a significant threshold to be crossed to take action.

BTC Prediction from 10 Popular Names

Bitcoin and altcoins made a good start to 2023 after the difficult 2022 bear market, and BTC rose above $ 30,000.

Clean energy use in Bitcoin mining exceeded 50%

A Bloomberg analyst reported on the current situation for Bitcoin (BTC) miners regarding clean energy use.

Analyst: There Could Be a 2015-like Recovery for Bitcoin

According to Poppe, who draws attention to 2015, a similar recovery may occur this year.

Hayes: “For BTC to Reach $70,000…”

Arthur Hayes said that if the FED starts lowering interest rates, BTC will quickly rise to $70,000.
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Poppe: “BTC and Altcoins Are Ready for Ascension”

Michaël van de Poppe, who has more than half a million followers on X, offers hope to investors embittered in the crypto market.

Will a quick comeback pave the way for Bitcoin to $30,000?

Bitcoin started the critical week with a decline, causing short-term uneasiness throughout the market.

Marcus: “We will make BTC a global payment network”

David Marcus said in a program he attended that they want to make Bitcoin the global payment tool in the world.

Wood Expects Meteoric Rise in Adoption of BTC and AI

Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, stated that there will be a rapid rise in the adoption of Bitcoin and artificial intelligence technology.

BTC: The biggest increase in the last 5 years

Although Bitcoin's price performance remains low, according to data, there is activity in Bitcoin's network activity.

There Are 6 Bitcoin Billionaires in the World

London-based consultancy firm Henley & Partners recently published a report on wealthy cryptocurrency investors.