Call from Novogratz to Bitcoin and Ethereum Communities

Mike Novogratz wants the two major crypto communities to stop clashing.

Economist Robin Brooks Comments on Bitcoin’s Rise

Economist Robin Brooks shared his thoughts on the rise of Bitcoin on Twitter.

Analyst Draws Attention to Two Levels in BTC Price

Rekt Capital made a fresh assessment of Bitcoin's price action, stating that the digital asset continues to face resistance above $28,700.

“Increased Interest in Decentralized Finance”

Citi, drew attention to the banking crisis in its note published this week, claiming that the interest in decentralized finance has increased.

Mega Bull Signal on Bitcoin from Zhao

Changpeng Zhao shared some data on the historical cycle of Bitcoin (BTC) on his official Twitter account.(eril)

PlanB’s Target After the 2024 Halving is $532,000

An unusual forecast for Bitcoin (BTC) came from popular analyst PlanB: "It could go up to this price after 2024."

“We’ll Most Likely Go To $40K After”

Cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe explained the factor he thinks was influential in BTC's recent rise.

Ardoino: “Bitcoin Bonds Coming This Summer”

Speaking at the ongoing Blockchain Week in Paris, Paolo Ardoino pointed to the summer months for the long-awaited Bitcoin bonds.

“Bitcoin is 12 Months Away From New ATHs”

Veteran analyst Peter Brandt claims that it will not be long before Bitcoin (BTC) reaches its all-time high (ATH).

Report: Is Bitcoin Now a Safe Haven?

On-chain data reveals continued optimism in the Bitcoin (BTC) market.

How Much of Bitcoin Investors Are In Profit?

IntoTheBlock has revealed how many Bitcoin investors are in profit and how much in loss.

McGlone: “May Be Indicative of a New Super Cycle”

Mike McGlone, says Bitcoin outperforming gold could be indicative of a new super cycle for BTC.

Risk Appetite In The Crypto Market At The Highest Of The Last 16 Months

The crypto fear and risk appetite index, which measures the perception of crypto investors towards the market, reached a new high in the first quarter of the year.

CZ: “#Bitcoin Is Still Here”

Credit Suisse, which calls Bitcoin a “Bubble”, was sold for 3 Billion dollars, Binance CEO made a statement.

Analyst Draws Attention to Possible Scenarios in Bitcoin

Evaluating the current situation in the crypto money market, the analyst warned investors and drew attention to possible scenarios for BTC.

Pal: “ETH Could Experience a Rally to Overtake BTC”

According to Raoul Pal, Ethereum (ETH) could exponentially surpass Bitcoin (BTC) in the next cycle.

Peter Brandt: “These Kind of Predictions Are Nonsense”

Peter Brandt has reacted to the increasing predictions that the Bitcoin price will reach $ 1 million in recent days and argued that such predictions are ridiculous.