Cardano Team Optimistic About Next Year

As the cryptocurrency market struggles with the repercussions of the FTX collapse, the entire ADA team, including Cardano CEO Frederik Gregaard, is optimistic about the future of its platform. In an interview with Learn Cardano’s, Gregaard expressed his enthusiasm for 2023 Cardano plans as he is optimistic “both in the short and long term” and expects the ecosystem to mature outside of the community.

“There are a lot of things I’m excited about. There are some integrations that I can’t talk about right now. I hope these will work. But I guess what I’m really excited about is seeing Cardano mature outside of the people who know and love Cardano today. Because what we’re seeing around us right now is a mess.”

Listing Cardano’s advantages over the current turmoil, Gregaard continued:

“We continue to explore new ways to build blockchain and apply it worldwide, as it continues to work, evolve, implement and add value in local communities.”

In terms of what the community can do to help the platform evolve, the CEO said the most important thing is to spread the word about Cardano’s use cases beyond token ownership:

“There is little information about where blockchain really adds value. There are many industries where we can save jobs, create new jobs, create a sustainable footprint, change operating models. But there is very little information about these use cases.”

He also said that their goal is to make Blockchain education much more usable, consumable and accessible in multiple languages ​​and presentation styles. He stressed that the Cardano Foundation would be “very happy to try and supply” the tools necessary to achieve this, including volunteering for Blockchain courses in local communities such as schools and businesses.

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