Cardano (ADA) founder and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, in one of his recent posts, said that the transaction fee comparison seen in Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum (ETH) networks recently is just the beginning.

Hoskinson seems to want to do everything he can to beat his old project. Hoskinson proved this with his reply to the post shared by Cardano Daily.

Looking at the aforementioned post, it is seen that Cardano has a higher transaction volume with 568 times cheaper transaction fees. It does not go unnoticed that Cardano, which surpasses Ethereum's transaction volume by a small margin, still has the advantage of 568 times cheaper transaction fee.

Cardano Ethereum Volume Fees

Charles Hoskinson, in his response to this, stated that this is only the beginning and that events will begin with the Basho update.

Looking at Cardano's roadmap, Basho seems to be a major scalability step. Looking at the roadmap for 2022, it seems that Basho provides a great advantage for decentralized applications in the Cardano network. One of these advantages is known as reducing the block size from 8 KB to 72 KB. Blocks are also targeted to match 95% within five seconds. This seems to be exactly the beginning that Hoskinson refers to.

Cardano ADA

Cardano (ADA) is an open source cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is called Cardano Ada. The project was first released in 2017 by its developer, Charles Hoskinson. Cardano had surpassed Ethereum a few days ago with $7 billion in 24-hour transaction volume, and Cardano (ADA) founder Hoskinson said, "This is just the beginning." he said.

In a recent IOG blog post, Output Global (IOG) Marketing and Communications Director Tim Harrison said: "Parameter adjustments, enhancements, improvements and other innovations will all play a role in steadily increasing Cardano's capacity and throughput throughout 2022." he said.