Cardano Overtakes Ethereum in This Area

Recent GitHub data revealed that open-source blockchain project Cardano ranks first among the 10 blockchain projects with the highest daily developer activity. According to the data; In Cardano-based projects, developers made permanent changes 598 times on a daily basis. On the Cardano network alone, 137 permanent changes were made by 38 developers. However, 56,284 additions and 105,757 deletions were performed in Cardano codes. Cardano on the list; Everscale followed with 494 transactions, Wrapped Everscale with 494 transactions, Ethereum with 419 transactions and Polkadot with 394 transactions. Decentraland, Status, Internet Computer, Filecoin and Hedera followed the list.

Why is daily developer activity on GitHub important?

On the other hand; Daily developer activity on GitHub reveals how much interest and work a project has received from developers. Therefore, this data is seen as an important reference point for better understanding of prominent projects in the developer ecosystem. It is also known that the crypto winter and bear market, which has increased its effects recently, significantly reduced the interest in blockchain projects. Therefore, the increase Cardano has seen in developer activity is considered by many to be a positive and promising impetus for the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

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