According to data from Messari on-chain and market tracker, the number of active Cardano users by percentage greatly exceeds Ethereum. Such a situation may have been caused by several factors.

The total number of Cardano wallets is currently around 3.6 million, which is less than 5% of Ethereum's total number of open wallets on the network. Such a large difference in the number of wallets is not in Cardano's favour, making the percentage-based comparison less objective.

Prior to the launch of smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain, investors and users viewed ADA as a means of payment rather than a dApps platform, so the number of active wallets is close to 2.2% of Bitcoin compared to 0.63% of Ethereum.

Cardano ADA-5

With the increasing number of decentralized solutions in the network, the percentage of active wallets relative to the total number of wallets is gradually decreasing. This effect is linked to the fact that developers and users create many wallets to interact with a single decentralized application or to test it in the development process.

The main point of the data provided is to show what stage the Cardano network is at in terms of maturity and development activity of the network. Historically, we will likely see a decrease in the number of active wallets in the future once Cardano reaches the level of Ethereum.

However, despite high development activity and a large number of active wallets, ADA cannot provide a higher or comparable price performance than Ethereum as its ROI has remained at -60% compared to -40% of Ethereum since the beginning of 2022. .


Andreessen Horowitz launches $4.5 billion crypto fund as crypto markets plunge

As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to expand, venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, also known as a16z, has launched Crypto Fund 4 to support promising Web3 founders and startups.

The Silicon Valley startup has raised $4.5 billion for this investment, bringing its total crypto funds to over $7.6 billion, as announced by a16z's Managing Partner Arianna Simpson on Twitter and on the company's website on May 25.

According to a16z's press release, the company has been investing in the crypto space since 2013 and made the most recent announcement with its fourth crypto fund, $4.5 billion. It is planned to channel 1.5 billion dollars of this amount to seed investments and 3 billion dollars to venture investments.