Cardano Introduces Latest Innovations for cBTC

What happened in the new week in the Bitcoin network became the main agenda item of the crypto money market. After the BRC-20 token craze, a huge backlog was seen in the network, while important developments were announced in terms of cBTC in the Cardano (ADA) network. In the latest post by AnetaBTC, the latest innovations for cBTC, the Wrapped Bitcoin project of the Cardano network, were introduced.

According to the statement, users will be able to make banking transactions with cBTC in the ecosystem. With the token, daily transactions will be carried out quickly, as well as trading on credit and decentralized exchanges will be available. It has not been announced yet when the developments announced with the title “A New Age” will be available to users.

cBTC is the version of Wrapped Bitcoin on the Cardano network. The token allows Bitcoin to be traded on this network at the same prices and with one-to-one support. cBTC started trading on the Cardano testnet in April. It is expected to be available on the mainnet soon.

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