The crypto market is spending the year 2022 predominantly in the red. However, today, some of the long-declining altcoins have also been seen to be on the rise. Cheeky Crypto, a crypto analysis focused YouTube channel, claims that they will end the bear market by drawing attention to these 5 altcoin projects in particular.


Ripple, which has come to the fore especially with the fact that its case with the SEC has not been finalized, is known as a digital asset created for global payments. Ripple is gradually increasing its potential, especially with the increase in institutional adoption in the last year. At the time of this writing, XRP is trading at $0.524. The analyst states that after the SEC lawsuit, XRP will reach new ATHs and will play an important role in getting rid of the bear market with the robustness of the project.

ripple xrp-2

The second altcoin on the analyst's radar is Elrond (EGLD). Elrond is known as a protocol that promises the fastest transaction using the fragmentation method. In addition, Elrond attracts attention with its transaction fee of less than $ 0.001. Therefore, the analyst emphasizes that EGLD will be preferred more and is ready for uptrends. At the time of writing, EGLD is trading at $111.24.


Quant, the third altcoin proposed by the analyst, aims to connect networks on a global scale without reducing network efficiency and interoperability. Therefore, with this feature, Quant becomes the first project to solve the interoperability problem. The analyst, on the other hand, says that the discovery of Quant by institutions is close and will gradually increase its market value. At the time of this writing, the QNT is trading at around $74.91.

Ziliqa, which is on the rise even in the bear market and attracts attention with the reverse movements of all cryptos especially in February-March, is important because it allows staking and yield farming as well as additional features in many projects. The risk and reward ratio is solid in this project, and the analyst states that we will witness further rise of ZIL. At the time of this writing, the ZIL is trading at $0.07184.

Ziliqa Zil

The last altcoin on the analyst's list, Harmony is recognized as an easy-to-use blockchain platform made up of DApp apps. Hamony, like Ziliqa, is one of the rare altcoins that has managed to stay strong in the bear market of cryptos. Therefore, the analyst underlines the robustness of Harmony with this feature, as well as Ziliqa, and reports that these two altcoins will rise more than expected in the rise of cryptos. At the time of this writing, the ONE is trading at around $0.6549.