Polygon has emerged as one of the Blockchain networks that has come to the fore with important projects in recent months, trying to use the bear market in the most efficient way.

Since 2020, the gaming industry has started to use Blockchain technology more. Especially Web3 game projects continue to be on the agenda. Polygon, on the other hand, did not remain indifferent to this new trend and took the first step to move the game world to Blockchain by partnering with GameSwift.


The gaming platform that the Polygon network intends to build on Blockchain is described as the decentralized structure of a Steam-like structure. The collaboration between Polygon and GameSwift has a mission to bring Web2 games to Web3. Accordingly, GameSwift will offer Web3 solutions using Polygon networks to create a new chain to achieve this goal.

The fact that the Polygon network can provide users with higher efficiency and lower transaction fees with Polygon Edge technology is thought to break new ground in the gaming world. Alongside the GameSwift partnership, Polygon will also provide funding for the development of new games. Polygon network developers have announced a grant program for such initiatives before. With the launch of the two startups, the GameSwift ecosystem will have access to Polygon's other solutions as well as a bridge to other networks.


Among other important developments regarding Polygon, Disney's choice of Polygon as the only Blockchain network in its project, where it pressed the button for Web3 expansion, made a great impression.

MATIC, the native token of the Polygon network, recovered 10 percent to $ 0.83 after falling to the $ 0.76 band last week. MATIC, which found a balance above $0.8 after a partial recovery, has entered a price squeeze in parallel with the market in general.