Buterin Warns of Network Overload

In a recent blog post, Vitalik Buterin gave his advice on pushing the Ethereum consensus mechanism and not overloading validators. Buterin said that his purpose in making this post is to explain that some projects may cause systemic risks. The Ethereum founder also underlined that he has good intentions and does not target specific people and projects. Addressing the risks of overloading the network, Buterin said that if a security vulnerability emerges in the network that could lead to the theft of funds, there will be no choice but to fork the network to compensate for the losses.

While giving his warning, Vitalik also made some suggestions to minimize the risks in waxing. Among them, he said, using price oracles can relax the network. In addition, the Ethereum founder also reminded that bridge projects between Blockchain networks should not be trusted too much. As it is known, bridges that help to transact between Blockchain networks have become the target of malicious people in recent years.

In general, Vitalik Buterin states that expanding the functions of the Ethereum consensus mechanism increases the costs as well as the security risks. Instead of these actions, Buterin proposes to preserve the minimalism of the network. He advocates highlighting the use of re-staking as one of the ways to expand the Ethereum consensus.

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