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Buterin Talks About Crypto Prospects For 2023

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, described what he calls “3 big opportunities” related to crypto that have yet to happen. These are: mass adoption of wallets, inflation-proof stablecoins, and Ethereum-powered website logins.

Buterin shared his crypto industry expectations for 2023 during an interview with David Hoffman, one of the owners of Bankless. During the interview, Hoffman specifically asked about concerns that the wave of adoption for decentralized apps is over. According to him, there are fewer opportunities for developers here. Buterin says there are still huge development opportunities here. According to him, especially the wallet infrastructure should be developed more. Because crypto should be made easier to use for ordinary users. Thus, billions more users will come to this sector.

“If you can make a wallet that can be used by a billion users, it will be a huge opportunity for a crypto.”

Buterin says the second big opportunity for the industry will be the launch of a globally accessible stablecoin that is resistant to hyperinflation. He says such a coin, which is accepted both on chain and on a broad macroeconomic plane, will be revolutionary for the industry.

“If you can make a stablecoin that can truly withstand anything, including US dollar hyperinflation, it could also be a lifesaver for anyone struggling with this situation. This is a big new opportunity for the industry.”

Regardless, Buterin makes no technical recommendations for launching such a coin.

Finally, Buterin draws attention to the cryptocurrency project Ethereum, which he is the founder of. According to him, if Ethereum can take power from Facebook, Google, Twitter and other centered monopolies in terms of access to sites, then it can have more market dominance in internet-based applications.

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