Buterin Self-Criticizes the Ethereum Project

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin expressed his frustrations with the Ethereum project. Buterin made a self-criticism by emphasizing the shortcomings of the project, in which he played a major role in its development, in the field of payment services. The leading name in the industry talked about a situation he encountered while in Argentina in 2021.

“Two years ago I was at a cafe with my friends. We ate something together. We decided to transfer to a crypto wallet to pay the account. However, since the minimum transfer amount was 0.01 ETH ($40 at the time), I paid 3x the account. “

In another example, the Ethereum founder stated that he could not make any payments this time due to a malfunction in his mobile wallet. Buterin thinks mobile wallet apps have a bad interface. According to historical data, during the 2021 bull market, the ETH network was charging an average of $20 per transaction. However, today this figure has decreased to $0.65.

After this criticism, Vitalik Buterin touched upon the problem of scaling. Although the blockchain developer admits that they have made significant progress on this path, he believes that the scaling issue is driving users away from decentralized platforms on the ETH network.

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