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Buterin: “I Do Not Support These Coins In Any Way”

Vitalik Buterin, who recently sold a section of “meme coins” sent to his wallet and received $700,000 in Ether, warned against some cryptocurrencies on Reddit.

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, posted a message in a Reddit sub-topic that cryptocurrencies are worthless. Stating that he thinks that investors will lose most of their money if they buy these cryptocurrencies, Buterin used the following statements:

“BITE and the other coins discussed under this heading are worthless coins. They have no cultural or moral values. If you invest in these cryptocurrencies, it is very likely that you will lose most of your money. I do not support these coins in any way.”

Vitalik Buterin is known to oppose such “meme coins”. Buterin recently sold MOPS, CULT, SHIK and BITE tokens sent to his own wallet and obtained 700,000 dollars in Ether. The famous name also donated 240 Ether to the Ethereum Foundation.

As it will be remembered, Buterin sent 50 trillion SHIBs sent to his wallet about 2 years ago to the India Kovid Crypto Aid Fund. At that time, the total value of this number of Shiba Inu was approximately $1 billion.

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